Aurora Child Development Center Montessori PreSchool & Kindergarten

Daily Schedule

7:30-9:30am    Work Time: Children choose activities that interest them. They may work alone, in small groups or with a teacher.


9:30-10am      Group Time: Montessori Group Lesson, calendar, songs.


10-10:15am     Snack Time: Family style snack


10:15-11am     Work Time: Children choose activities that interest them. They work alone, in small groups or with a teacher.


11-12:00pm     Outdoor Play


12 Noon        Morning Students Depart


12-1pm         Lunch and Clean Up: Children eat their lunches, clean up and prepare for nap/rest.


1-2:30pm     Nap/Rest Period: All children must rest on mats. A wide variety of soothing music is played for the children to listen to while resting. Non-nappers go to library after other children are asleep.


2:30-2:45pm   Wake Up/Clean Up: Sleeping children are gently awakened and then they put their blankets/sheets away.


2:30-3pm     Snack: Snack is set out and children individually help themselves.


3-4:15pm  Work time: same as above


4:15-4:30pm   Group time: Songs, finger play, review of days activities


4:30-5:30pm Outdoor Play


5:30-6pm Story time and quiet activities